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A Low Design Website Can Ruin Your Business

What damage if your website is not up to date?

Your friends , family or customers refer a prospective customers to you. Now you think, what he or she will do in the first place. Yes, you are right. They will search your company website and see what services or products you are selling or learn who are you. (if your company don’t have a website, think about this)

But then, nothing happen. They don’t even contact you. Wonder why?

Your 90% business just turn the upside down.

Simple, your website looks or details scare them away.

Website should be giving your customers confident about your services. But, if your website not well organised, its just did opposite. They will just close the browser and search for your competitors. Then you lose a sale.

Now getting customers is already hard enough. Don’t make it even harder by having a website that repels prospective customers.

What Makes A Good Website?

By giving you our idea, we also search for internet and gather some data for this as well

  • Clearly display your contact numbers or email that have someone to check daily.
  • Get the latest design and update it every month. Don’t go for low res images, try get a professional designer to help you.
  • Well structure the navigation, so your customers easily find what they are looking for.
  • Ask for testimonial from your customers, if possible have their photo as well.
  • Provide useful content, customers love latest content that they don’t know.
  • Let your customers know who are they doing business with. Put your photo and some story about yourself. Why you do this business and how long you have been in this industry. Its creates confident to have a business from you.
  • Well check and make sure there is no errors in your website, like picture didn’t upload properly or any mistake that deducts your points.

Contact us, for maintain your website with professional team and designer.

google adwords Reka Laman


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