The Future Is There

iOS (Apple)

Your mobile app will be publish in Apple App Store and central to the Apple ecosystem. Boasting hundreds of thousands of downloadable applications, Apple holds a commanding position in the battle for mobile OS dominance.

Android (Google)

Google's Android mobile operating system is the other heavyweight in this arena. The open source model and diverse range of handsets make this flexible and powerful tool a developer’s Favorited.


  • API Integration
  • iBeacon & BLE Device Integration
  • Swift
  • Keychain & Touch ID Security
  • Analytics
  • Location Services
  • Payment Gateways
  • Audio/Video Streaming
  • Apple Watch Compatibility
  • Apple TV Compatibility


  • Material Design
  • Security
  • API Integration
  • iBeacon & BLE Device Integration
  • Location based services
  • Analytics
  • Payment gateways
  • NFC
  • Audio/Video Streaming
  • Android Wear Compatibility
  • Android TV Compatibility


  • Native Apps with 50% code reuse
  • Forms with 90% shared code
  • Complex and reliable client-server applications
  • API Integration
  • Complex data visualization (via Syncfusion)
  • iBeacon & BLE Device Integration
  • Analytics
  • Payment gateways


  • Cross-platform Web-based Apps
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Real-time Data Sync via WebSockets
  • Angular 2
  • React
  • Proof of Concept Applications
  • Fast and Reliable backend
  • IoT

Our Workflow

Discover your mobile app — Our team of business analysts and consultants can determine growth opportunities.

Design your mobile app — Our designers bring you a proposal based on our analysis and your demands.

Develop your mobile app — Our mobile app developers create and test your mobile application.

Maintain your mobile app — Intellect-soft helps you maintain, update, and improve your application as your business grows.

Update your mobile app — We provide the latest updates lifetime as long as your app still in Google play store and Apple app store. So, your app will be the latest technology no matter how long is it.