Search Engine Optimization expert in internet will make you go broke!

This article will provide you full steps way of burning cash.

1. Search engine optimization expert found in internet. 

Found a great search engine optimization expert on any site who says he can tweak your website SEO on Google page one with some cash? Therefore, hire him or her immediately! Remember to payout some cash first, the more the better. Just spend one or two year ahead, waiting for the good news to happen!

2. Ignore any Search Engine Optimization article similar like this

You are best. No one better than what you know. Your ways is the best!

3. Run away Without a Fight. Planing an escape plan not a solution.

Trouble with your eCommerce website? And its easy: just give up.  After all, quitters never win, so quit now while you are not so bad.

Or, you still can invest a few more months and a few more thousand dollars, and THEN only quit.

4. Waste All Your Time Reading stupid Articles like This one. Remember make it as funny as you can!

In this world nothing will bring you to the deep bottom of the heap faster than spending your working days jolly online and reading sorry attempts at Search Engine Optimization humor. Anything you read is just to make fun.

5. Wait until last minutes only monetization your business model.

Hire a master level graphic designer or web company or even a PHD in Search Engine Optimization expert in Kuala Lumpur to build great flashy videos and graphic designs or setting a good search engine optimization structure for your business or company. Because of that, its okay that it will take hours to load said the web company on normal laptops, computers and mobile phones. Since, they look awesome on yours site, just go for it. As a result, please don’t care or just put aside about any business plan. After all, internet is all about crazy and insane market that everyone do insanely things.


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