Why have a social media strategy?

Our social media management generates billions of visits every month and offer plenty of opportunities for businesses to attract visitors and increase sales. Though search engine traffic has a higher conversion rate, this medium should not be ignored due the high levels of potential traffic, brand awareness effectiveness and the positive effects it has for search engine optimisation.

Reka Laman can develop a strategy and bring ROI with our social media management. We’ll build a network and business relationships, grow your followers with targeted individuals or companies, build your brand and trust through interactions, and promote your services in the correct manner.

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Get Results From Social Media Management

Reka LamanAudience

build an audience

Reka LamanBrand

build brand awareness

Reka LamanCommunication

build communication 

Reka LamanVisitors

increase your visitors

Your Social Media Management Audience

Now your audience consists of the people or companies you are connected to through social media channels. Reka Laman builds your audience through related communities, competitors’ followers, social groups and involvement in related questions and answers.

This strategy generates a network of interested people, which will gain more exposure and interaction for your business than just gathering followers would.

Building a network takes time, and the only way to successfully market through social media is to build positive relationships with current and potential customers.

Your Social Media Strategy

We manage your social media marketing to save you and the business valuable time. We will design and implement a tailored strategy to meet your business’ requirements and objectives. Therefore, using our knowledge and expertise, we make optimum use of the broad range of social media platforms available.

Social Media has rapidly transformed the way in which customers interact with suppliers and vice versa. Till now possible to reach a specific market online, promote relevant content to that market and engage directly on a regular basis. It has become an important tool in building successful digital marketing strategies, allowing you to listen to what your existing and potential clients are saying and giving you the chance to respond quickly. By doing this you build closer relationships and gain trust.

Reka Laman