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Website & social media, what to choose? A lot of our customers ask about why should I need a website or an e-commerce store. It’s can be done via social media and it’s more powerful than our own website. Most important is FREE!

Website need to pay (hosting, domain, design and setup fee) social media don’t have to pay a penny.

For us, social media (yes) you don’t need to pay anything. But bear in mind, social media network is a platform that someone go and post something or surf on the social media without any intention to buy anything or surf just because of bored. Not to say social media is not good, we are also using social media now. It’s definitely helps in terms of branding, anouncement and building rapor with customer but it’s miss out the most important thing where else the customers data is not with us. You need to follow theirs rules.

Website is where the data fully belongs to us. What data I need to capture is all decided by me. I make my own rules, not follow other people rules. It’s help our company branding as well. And it’s the faster way to spread our company services to the world and to the right audience that I want. How? When customer type (facial in KL) in the Google search engine. It’s pop up website that setting these keywords. This is the customers that we want. These customer already show the interest to have a facial. It’s helps us a lot coz nobody will go and search something that they don’t want.

Statistic from Google shows that 70% of the business owner dont have their own corporate website. So, I think is a huge opportunity in search engine for Malaysia businesses.

Reka Laman

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